Dispatch Times

Nearly every one of our pieces is forged to order in our little home workshop. Often we have a quicker turn around but please expect items to take 10-14 days to ship, unless otherwise stated in the listing details.

Once your item has been dispatched you will be notified by email. Please see our shipping and returns page for further details of shipping.

If you do need something sooner though, don’t hesitate to ask as we may be able to help!

Handmade And Unique

Please note – most of our pendants, charms and settings are not pre-made or mass produced but lovingly sawn, soldered and polished by hand using a variety of traditional metal-smithing techniques. As such each piece will have some minor variations due to the nature in which they are finished. This makes every piece unique!

*ALL OF OUR JEWELLERY IS MADE FROM SOLID PRECIOUS METAL (925 sterling silver, fine silver and gold)*


Gift wrapping and packaging

All of our jewellery comes beautifully packaged in a branded gift box. We also include a jewellery care card with all orders and polishing cloth where appropriate.  This makes our it the perfect gift for giving whilst it ensures it reaches you safely.


We use mm and Standard UK ring sizes when measuring our jewellery. For US and European ring sizing please use the below chart for conversion.

The most accurate way to determine ring size is by getting measured by a professional jeweller. You can alternatively purchase a plastic ring sizer from us if you are unsure.

Bangle sizes are measured by their internal diameter. Hand as well as wrist size needs to be taken into account when choosing the size of a closed bangle.

Necklaces are generally offered in a few different lengths. The diagram below gives a handy guide as to where they roughly fall when worn. If you don’t see the size listed you’d like when ordering get in touch. Other lengths and styles are often available on request. 

Please measure and check sizing carefully before ordering to ensure you order correctly. We cannot be held responsible for customer error.

*Top Tip* 

  • When ordering stacking rings or rings with wide or chunky bands it is often best to order a half or full size larger for a comfortable fit


Custom and personalised orders

Wish a necklace came with a different style or length of chain?

Like a design but would love it if it featured a different gemstone?

Since all of our jewellery is handmade to order we are happy to adapt a design to better suit your personal tastes. Or if you are looking for something truly unique why not inquire about commissioning an entirely bespoke piece?

We work with the highest quality gemstones and precious metals, including sterling silver and 9ct gold, and are happy to work with any design ideas or budgets you might have to make you your perfect piece of jewellery.

Looking After Your Jewellery

  • Although our jewellery is designed to be long-lasting and to withstand everyday wear, avoid wearing it anytime there is a high risk of it being caught or knocked excessively (such as washing up, gardening or DIY) as this may cause damage to stones or scratch the metal.
  • A bit of water will do no harm to most jewellery, but avoid prolonged soaking or exposure to harsh chemicals, perfumes, or moisteriser. Remember to put any perfumes or lotions on before your jewellery. Always remove your jewellery before bathing, swimming or sleeping.
  • Over time all sterling silver (including hallmarked silver) will oxidise. This is nothing to worry about and it just gives the jewellery a darkened, coppery appearance instead of a bright silver shine. Sometimes the tarnish can transfer to the skin but it is a completely natural and harmless reaction due to the copper content in sterling silver. Exposure to chemicals such as chlorine or soaps, as well as humidity and PH levels on our skin can speed up this reaction. Using a silver polishing cloth or the recommended method below should restore the shine to your piece.
  • A soft bristled brush can be useful to get into small nooks and crannies when cleaning jewellery. Extra care should be taken any time you are cleaning jewellery set with precious stones or pearls though. They can get scratched, loosened or damaged easily.
  • Jewellery that has been deliberately oxidised and antiqued as part of the design is best not being polished or cleaned. This will remove the finish, reverting it to a shiny silver colour.

*Top Tip*

For super shiny silver add 1 tsp of both salt and bicarb to hot water in a bowl before placing a piece of aluminium foil in the bottom. Place the jewellery on top of the foil for a few minutes until the tarnish is lifted then finish with a quick rinse in clean water and polish with a soft cloth (this method is not suitable for deliberately distressed pieces though as it will remove the finish)


We are able to hallmark our jewellery designs with our own makers mark as well as date, purity and assay office marks too. This gives you peace of mind that anything you buy from us has been independently quality tested and guaranteed as genuine sterling silver, gold or platinum by the assay office.

By law all platinum articles weighing over 0.5 gram, gold and palladium over 1 gram and silver over 7.78 grams must be hallmarked. It is illegal to describe or sell them as being made from precious metals otherwise. Anything below these weights does not need to be hallmarked. We would love to hallmark all our jewellery but this costs more for us to do. We only tend to hallmark our more valuable designs or those that are over weight limits.